Main structure

SK150 & SK200 grading blades have a width of 2.4 meters and a height of about 80 centimeters, the ideal combination to maximize the spreading operations. It is wider of the machine tracks to prevent the excess material of compromising stability but within the limits to be easily transportable.

The side plates allow you to extend all the material loaded accelerating the work and to move with extreme precision close to obstacles (such as walls or curbs) without difficulty. The bulkheads are removable in order to make small milling operations (commensurate with the possibilities of the machine).

Built to resist: the whole of the blade structure has been designed to work in extreme conditions, withstanding the stresses and minimize the wear over time. The main body, the side plates and components subject to wear are made of Hardox 400 (steel with high resistance to abrasion, 400 HBW) with thicknesses ranging from 8 to 25mm. This ensures the high structural solidity and brings the total weight over 900kg for the benefit of the general stability during movement.

The lubrication system eliminates the friction of the moving plates to maintain proper lubrication even after hours of intensive work.

Born in 2001, the current version of the SK150 & SK200 is the result of continuous improvements that have been made possible thanks to years of experience in the construction site, thousands of units sold and valuable users expert guidance. All this has made SK150 & SK200 the best leveling equipments for skid steers.

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