Hydraulic system

The SK150 & SK200 operation is completely independent from the machine, their movements are made possible by the hydraulic system installed inside. The blade needs only a continuous low flow rate of oil flow that is taken from the machine by means of a double standard hydraulic coupling.

To get the best performance in terms of accuracy and speed of operation stretched, what our customers expect from the equipment, SK150 & SK200 are equipped with a hydraulic proportional distributor, the best available to ensure smooth movements at the same time rapid, combined with unparalleled reliability.

Stability is the main feature that each from leveling equipment must have, for this reason SK200 adopts a rear hydraulic sled which extends across the width of the blade. Its adjustment allows to increase the support surface when necessary to increase the overall stability, optimize the last pass and precompattare the smoothed material.

The technical evolution of recent years has made it necessary to develop a solution that would make the new generation of skid track amortized compatible with the leveling operations. The new Junction Kit solves this problem ensuring accuracy in past and an operating speed supported.

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