How it works

SK150 & SK200 are automatic grading blades capable of adjusting their position to reproduce the plane indicated by the 2D or 3D electronic system installed on board, designed to transform a skid steer in a perfect instrument for leveling.

This solution has been developed to optimize the leveling operations in the construction of industrial buildings, urbanization, roads, parking lots, bike paths, sports fields and wherever you need precise leveling and quickly using a small machine.

The SK150 & SK200 movements are completely independent from the arm of the machine, as they are able to move both in elevation tilt thanks to the two cylinders of the side and to the central axle lifting. The electronic system adjusts the position of the blade by controlling the proportional solenoid valves installed in its interior.

The combination with a 2D or 3D system allows to automate the movements of the blade facilitating the spreading operations, drastically reducing the time and material waste, in addition to greatly simplify the operator's task.

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