2D and 3D control

SK150 & SK200 grading blades can be equipped both with an electronic system with 2D and 3D technology of any brand, depending on the application requirements of the site where have to be used.

The 2D system is the most common, widely known as laser system. E 'consists of two laser receivers with receiving proportional to 360 ° and from a control unit (control box) which processes the received information and controls the solenoid valves to change the position of the blade. This solution allows to reproduce the level emitted by a laser transmitter, this is a horizontal plane, with single or double slope.

The 3D system instead lets you play more complex surfaces, thanks to integration with robotics and satellite technologies. The control system can be configured with different sensors, such as active or satellite dishes prisms, which you can monitor the position of the blade with respect to the project to be realized by changing the dimensions as provided by the project loaded onto the control box.

In both cases the operator's work is extremely simplified, his attention must be paid to management of material within the yard. A simple working system that guarantees high productivity by reducing the time and resources spent in processing.

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