Grading Blades

Transform your skid steer in a productive and accurate leveling system


The right level in one pass


Eliminate the waste of material


One machine, one operator

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SK150 and SK200 are automatic leveling blades capable of transforming a skid steer loader into a perfect precision leveling machine, equipment developed on the needs of the modern construction site and designed to increase the versatility of compact operating machines.

The millimeter precision of the grading and the production capacity up to 5000 m2 / day (much more than any mini grader or box blade) are the two strengths of our leveling blades, combined with a structural strength unmatched in the market of leveling attachments.

Features that make SK150 and SK200 the ideal equipment for your skid steer thanks to the almost immediate return on investment due to the greater speed of execution, the drastic reduction of material waste and the optimization of personal and vehicles dedicated to leveling operations on the jobsite.


SK150 and SK200 are leveling blades designed to optimize grading operations in the construction of industrial sheds, urbanizations, roads, parking lots, cycle paths, sports fields and wherever quick and precise leveling is required using a compact machine.

Compatible with skid steer loaders of any brand (e.g. Caterpillar, Bobcat, Takeuchi, Case, JCB, Gehl, kubota, Wacker Neuson, John Deere, Eurocomach), they find their ideal terrain wherever precision leveling is required with the help of a 2D or 3D control system to be installed on board.

Save time, materials, machinery and personnel to increase the margins of your construction sites, contact us now to receive a customized configuration!


Grade blades dimensions


The dimensions of the SK150 and SK200 are designed to maximize site production. The width of 2.4 meters prevents the excess material from compromising the stability of the machine and the front blade of 80 cm […]


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Grade Blade - Home - Mechanics


The movement of SK150 and SK200 is completely automatic, thanks to the 2D or 3D electronic system that adjusts its positioning, and independent from the machine arm which remains at the end of the stroke […]


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Grade Blade - Home - Hydraulics


The heart of the SK150 and SK200 is the hydraulic system contained within them which allows rapid but extremely accurate positioning while the skid steer is in motion […]



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Grade Blade - Home - Electronics


SK150 and SK200 can both be equipped with a 2D or 3D control system of any brand. The 2D system, commonly called the laser system, consists of a monitor positioned in the cabin and two receivers […]


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Get the right level in one pass without reworks

The automatic movement of the blade, combined with the 2D or 3D electronic control systems, immediately allows the correct height to be reached, considerably reducing the time required to complete the work and the resources used.


Eliminate the expensive waste of materials

The millimeter leveling precision allows to drastically reduce the expensive waste of material due to an inaccurate substratum grading, in order to reduce the procurement costs of the jobsite and increase the overall margins of your company.


Use just one machine and one operator on the site

The skid steer becomes a perfect leveling system that does not require additional dedicated support machines, just as the operator does not need other site personnel to verify the correctness and accuracy of the work performed.

Compatible with any skid steer