Level thousands of square meters every day with a skid steer!

Using SK150 & SK200 are not required bigger machines: optimizes available resources, avoid unnecessary waste and arrives where dozer and grader can't reach. An effective and efficient levelling system to improve your project profitability.

grading blade time


Optimize time, fuel and material

SK200 allows to speed up leveling operations in a clear manner in every condition, depending on the type of yard our customers discussing 2000, 3000, up to 5000 square meters of material leveled every day. A production unthinkable with the traditional method or with the aid of other compact machines.

How is important to be faster? It allows to deliver every job within the time allowed without incurring disputes but mainly using the machine for less time, saving fuel, maintaining the value and removing maintenance.

How is important to be more precise? Optimize the same average of even one centimeter of guarantees considerable savings. If we consider only one € uro per square meter, the material savings in a manufacturing area of 10,000 square meters is 10,000 €. In addition, the estimated material in the planning stages is exactly what it takes to complete the work, with no surprises.

grading blade optimization


Get the best from staff and machines

SK200 greatly simplifies the machine operator's work, the project elevations are observed by the electronic system, thus you can concentrate on the correct handling of the material within the yard. Improve speed and accuracy of the work, it decreases the stress at the end of the day, but not only. The operator becomes completely independent, it does not require a second person who controls what runs and provide indications on quotas to be respected. The incidence of this cost is less and improves the overall profitability of the individual processing.

Use a compact machine for leveling operations generates a series of considerable savings. First, it is possible to optimize the use of a machine already present in the pipeline for the handling of materials that in a minute can be converted without the intervention of any technician. On the other hand the costs of management and transport of a compact machine are significantly lower than in larger machines such as bulldozers and graders, aspect that should be obviously to the benefit of the yard's margins. A small machine also allows access to confined spaces otherwise unreachable.

grading blade productivity


Save to improve your margins

Savings and optimization are the key factors that can turn any business into a success. With equal value is possibile to significantly increase profits by acting on all the expenditure items that weigh, often in a hidden manner, the real profitability of each individual operation.

Variable costs involved are numerous: personnel involved, work vehicles used, transport costs, maintenance costs, fuel consumption, amount of material required. The risks are many: lack of precision machining, purchase of excess material, challenging the work performed, late payment, delays in delivery of the work with related penalties.

SK200 reduce and optimize variable costs and eliminates the risks associated with execution of the work. All of this increases and guarantees the profitability of the project, with no surprises.